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So how about all this programming the host microcontroller stuff, anyhow?

Question asked by abeltronics on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by BrettG

Alright, i'm not Bob Pease....


So I'm new to DSP and I've got the AD1940 EVK and written (drawn) a lovely program in Sigma Studio.


I want to get that code and stuff it into a microcontroller to boot the DSP in the target application.


What do I do? Am I right in thinking i'll need to include xxx_IC_1.h into my microcontroller source, and then write my own functions for all the #defines in SigmaStudioFW.h? Or is there more to it - more files to include maybe? Are there any functions or libraries i'm missing?


What about safeload writes? I can see SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER_BLOCK() and SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER() inside SigmaStudioFW.h. Do i need to write functions to write via the safeload registers for run-time parameter updates? Also, what is SIGMA_SET_REGSITER_FIELD ?


Any example C files greatly appreciated - target application controlled by PIC16/18 by the way.


Thanks in advance, sorry about all the questions - it's a lot to get one's head around for a newbie.