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need help for choosing DSP-development boards

Question asked by DalleAli on Nov 13, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2010 by vishwanath

Hi to all!


i'm new here and i really need help for my project... so i have a DSP-project from my professor for analyzing an analog signal..

    • the analog signal is about 5-10 MHz
    • the AD Converter should have 10-20 MHz sample rate
    • the DSP-card has sufficient clock rate
    • the data transfer between them an PC also need to be fast enough


well i have include the block diagram for the application... my friend had suggest to use MCU MSP430 from TI for the ADConverter and DSP-card TMS320, but it doesn't do right to this project...and i'm really confused in how to choose the development boards between black fin, sharc and sigma dsp.. or perhaps there's another suitable way?


thanks before