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Software Emulation for MDIO Interface

Question asked by nsuzuki Employee on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by skyWalker

Does anyone have software code to emulate slave side of MDIO (Management Data Input/Output) Interface via GPIO of Blackfin?


MDIO is known as  the interface to connect MAC device and PHY devices for the Ethernet protocol.

However, as another use case of MDIO, there is a CFP MSA Optical Transeiver module.  In this application, MDIO is used as an management bus interface between Host and the CFP modules.

Our customer is considering to use Blackfin as the main controller in the CFP module.

In this case, Blackfin is managed by Host via MDIO and should act as slave device.


Some of Blackfin products has MDIO master interface to control PHY devices for the Ethernet, but doesn't have slave interface for this purpose.

So, we are looking for a software emulation code of MDIO slave.