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Report on exception behaviour under VDSP Update 5.7 simulator

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Nov 8, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2009 by PeteG

Am looking at watch point operations a with BF533


Under Update 5.5 -- simulator

Gets in exception "once" for instruction watch match

Ignores data watch operations


We discussed issues about what to expect with the new update -- i.e. not to expect everything to be fixed in 5.7.

However have come up with a couple of unexpected issues with update 7


Under Update 5.7 simulator

instruction watch match

You said that simulator would work with 2 instruction watch point registers using a range, but not with 1 instruction watch point watching a single location


Actually I find that I get into instruction watch exception -- "every other instruction access" when using  a single register for watching

This might suggest that the simulator control register for watch point

Gets into exception -- "every other time" for instruction watch match


   Given the fact that I am only using 1 instruction watch register and not a range -- does this suggest an issue with the way the control bits are being handled (or just the fact the simulator defaults to watching a range regardless of setting).

AM surprized that it works "every other time"


As you indicated simulator to handle data watch match in later issue


Am going to try and configure settings to work with a range of instructions (of size 1) and see what I get