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Offset Voltage at ADL5304 Output

Question asked by on Jun 14, 2013
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We are using the ADL5304 as the TIA for our new project, since we need to measure the output voltage from 0V onwards we designed the log amplifier with dual power supply such that we apply a +5V supply as VPOS and -5V as VNEG as suggested in the datasheet, but when the output of the amplifier ie, VLOG is checked without given any light to the photodiode there is a 1.454V output at VLOG pin, We designed the log amp with the Option no 10 in the (Table 4. VLOG Scaling Options in the datasheet ) such that the max VLOG will be of 0.6V, but the output voltage is now in the 1.5 range, the schematic is also attached it, Can anyone tells why this happens???