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DSP read back for data capture

Question asked by Tony on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by Philip

Hi there,


We're trying to read the value of a level detector from our uC and just having a bit of struggle understanding the datasheet.

Our meter is at address 2074 as expected, (data capture register), however all the tests we've done we couldn't get the correct value out of a read of this register. I think that the issue is related to the Program counter register setup and RS bits...


The datasheet states: "The capture count and register select values that correspond to the desired point to be monitored in the signal processing flow can be found in a file output from the program compiler"


My question is how can we get that desired point? Which compiler output file are you refering? Is that the trap.dat?

Would it be possible to use on an example as I'm sure that we can't be the only one wanting to read the value from the DSP.


Thanks a lot for your support,