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Sensor Communication Problems

Question asked by incubus888 on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by beginner

Hi guys!

     I have a problem with my MT9V135 sensor. Apparently, when I run the program for interfacing Micron sensors to the BF537 EZ-Kit Lite, the sensor does not recognize the slave address or TWI address that the program designates; an "Address Not Acknowledge" (ANAK) bit occurs in the

twiregisters.jpgTWI_MASTER_STAT register. As a result, the master mode transmit operation does not push through; and register values are not programmed into the sensor registers. Thus, the sensor does not operate.

     Although, I've considered other possible TWI addresses that are specified on the sensor datasheet and the configuration settings for MI354  revision 2 sensors, the problem still persists leaving me with no choice but to ask help from you guys. I just would like to ask two questions: (1) What are the possible problems that make the sensor 'not acknowledge' the TWI address?; and (2) Do you have data for MI354 revision 4 sensor configuration settings? Again, any help will do and will be greatly appreciated.