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SPI on ADSP21371

Question asked by savinat on Nov 2, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2009 by Mitesh


I saw that in booting via SPI -  the SPI signals of the primery SPI port are by default on the DPI pins 1 to 4. Do i have to connect the signal to these pins again via SRU1 and  reconfigure them for output or input?And at this time the SPI is in slave mode.

And i want also to connect the ADSP21371 to Audio codec ADAU1361 and to use the second SPIB in master mode and SPORTS. Using the SPORTs 0 & 1 they uses one clock , frame signals of the codec. So is it necessarily to connet the clock and frame signals twice on the DAI pins - clock and frame signal of SPORT0 and again clock and frame signal od Sport1 on other pins. Or can i  connect only the signals of one SPORT an the Data signal of the secon Sport withought the frame and clock signal of the second Sport?