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Theory:  Continuos FT and DFT

Question asked by jasonkee111 on Nov 1, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2009 by chuletronix

Hi.  I can't find a place to discuss on theory.  So, i decide to post it here.  Hope that anyone can answer for query..


FYI, i read the Understand Digital Signal Processing.pdf




From the book, When sampling a continuos time-domain function, having a CFT, and take the DFT of those samples, the DFT results in a frequency domain sampled approximation of CFT.


Why can we use the output of CFT to perform the DFT?


Reason to ask:The output of continuous fourier transform(CFT) is in frequency domain ( continuos signal ) while the input of DFT (before tranformation) have to be in discrete.


Thanks a lot