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BF561 EZ KIT to OEM Module

Question asked by DFWSwEng on Nov 1, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by Yoko

Hi everybody,


I am using the BF561 EZ KIT as a prototyping tool and am now wondering about

how to create an oem board for an enclosure, etc.  While the reference designs

are helpful for creating my own, I was hoping someone will have gone through

the trouble already.  What is needed:  video in ports, video out ports,

and either an ethernet or rs232 port too.  Basically, something pretty similar to

the BF561 EZ Kit.


Does anyone have any suggestions/pointers/experience on who/what has worked

in the past?  I will not take it as an explicit endorsement.  The collaborative list

on AD's site is quite long and hoped to cut down the search time.


Am I delusional to think this has already been done?


Regardless, thanks for your help.