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BF537 Ethernet TXDma Channel Error

Question asked by pfeifferc on Oct 29, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2009 by jobo23


i have troubles to acknowledge a DMA_Err caused by a EthernetTX transmission.

i use following code derived from original ADI_ETHER_BF537


// ensure a 32 bit access to the MMRs is issued before the 16 bit access in case
// the interrupt killed a 32 bit access - anomaly ED(03-00-0048)
addr = dev->Tx.Dma->START_ADDR;
// check our two DMA channels
if (*pDMA2_IRQ_STATUS&0x02)  /*this is the TX int*/
  {  // error on TX channel
  // acknowedge the interrupt
  *pDMA2_IRQ_STATUS = 0x02;
  /*dev->Tx.Dma->IRQ_STATUS = 0x02;*/


without the red marked line i'm not able to clear the DMA_ERR bit, so i added this one.

( IRQ_status contains 0x03 in my error case)



is this a must or is there any other solution requested?


regards chris