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bf526 NFC how to DMA spare bytes?

Question asked by dehkl on Oct 29, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2009 by bala


I'm working on a flash driver for our platform using bf526 with a NAND chip, 2048 bytes pages + 64 bytes spare area = similar to the EZ-board.

Since we try to make our code tight there is a couple of questions regarding how to work efficient with the NFC and DMA:


When writing:

Looking at the docs & example driver I can't find an example of using DMA to write to the spare area.

Is there a (good) way to use DMA to write the 64 spare bytes?


For reading:

It looks like the example reads a 256 bytes offeset page to read the spare bytes.

Same as above, is there a way to read just the 64 spare bytes using DMA???