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LCD Driver and Audio Driver combined. BF548

Question asked by Doriya on Oct 27, 2009
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I was told to make a thread to dedicate to this discussion.


I have made a program to recognise words, by modifying the audio loopback program.  Currently the detected word is being displayed on the console window.


This is slightly raw, and I would like to make it display on the LCD of the BF548.  I've tried compiling the lcd driver with the program (the driver only displays bmps which you specify), but to no avail.


What I'm requesting is a modified LCD driver, which can simply display what's on the console, into the LCD display, or even te command for the LCD driver to display text.


ie: Word detected: At the moment, we're simply printf("word detected is ... etc


What we would like to do, is: printf to the LCD, or simply display everything on the console to the LCD.  We don't want to bring up bitmaps, as this would require extra time to access the HDD.  We'd prefer the simplest, fastest display possible.



Could you guys help me out with this?