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ADSP -BF609  Wakeup source issue in hibernate mode

Question asked by Jayapriya on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by Nabeel

Hello ,

This is regarding "Wakeup source" problem in hibernate Mode:

We are working on Low power modes(Deep sleep &Hibernate) and  running code on
Standalone(From Flash not from Debugger).

Deep sleep is working fine(it is getting wakeup signal).
We are facing issue in wakeup for Hibernate so Please suggest for the same.


our understanding:
After hibernate mode by giving wakeup through port PA_15 i.e wakeup source0
controller shall come out through Dpm event interrupt and it shall restart.

our Query:
For the first time of wakeup signal, it comes out from hibernate and it restarts but
as it is restarting  it shall go to hibernate again and it should wait for wake
up but it is not happening as per our below code. Please help us

Note :the above behaviour is working fine if we configure push button (PE_15 i.e SW10) for wakeup .


please find the attached code which we used for hibernate mode: