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SPI Clock dynamic - BF561

Question asked by vasi on Oct 27, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2009 by vasi
Dear Sir ,
We configured SPI of BF561 to drive an ADC , the settings of SPI registers are as below :
1.SPI_BAUD = 0x0002
2.SPI_CTL = 0x5521
All directions controls are taken care , and we are getting all the required handshake /signal also ,but only problem is the change in SPI clock frequency , it will be 10.4 Mhz intially and then while debugging when we halt and again start , the fequency gets adjusted back to 25 Mhz as per our requirement , the current observed by us were around 170mA @ 10.4Mhz and 350mA @25Mhz respectively.
Our crystal is @ 25Mhz and we are multiplying this with 24 to obtain 600Mhz and our system clock is 600Mhz/6 = 100 Mhz
Please comment on the same .