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Which AD9851 Development Board?....

Question asked by mwfortner on Jun 13, 2013
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I have a customer that has selected the AD9851 180Mhz DDS for a new QAM design (frequency and on-chip comparator makes it a perfect fit).


Unfortunatly, we are struggling to figure out which development board to use with this device.


We checked the datasheet and there are two listed.


The AD9851/CGPCBZ (the Clock Generation version) is what's required.


We submitted a quote and the response back was that the board is obsolete and that the customer should be using the AD9913
. We also see that there is stock on a non-Z version of the AD9851/CGPCBZ board.  Can you tell me what the Z indicates?


In addition, there appears to be some differences between the 2 parts (AD9913 vs. AD9851). The main difference is the  compliance range (800mV cs. 1.5V0 and operating voltage (1.8v vs. 3V).


I also checked web pricing and the AD9851 cost quite a bit more as well (vs. the AD9913).


I guess the main question is whether or not the AD9851 a part that will be supported for long term, or do I need to convince the customer to design with the AD9913 instead (the AD9913/PCBZ is readily available).


Let me know what you think.