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Embedded Link (Simulink) and VDSP++ (SHARC-21369 EZ Kit)

Question asked by ElvisOliveira on Oct 23, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by hemanth


I'm a MatLab R2008b and VDSP++ 5 user. In my application, I need read a RAW data stored on PC (sample frequency = 16367600 Hz = 16.3676 MHz, binary file (8bits) ). Using a MatLab Simulink and Embedded Link (automatic code generation) I trying read data from PC using USB connection (SHARC 21369 EZ Kit Lite and EZ Extender) but in automatic code generation procedure (click in Real-Time workshop -> Build subsystem) the error message was shown on screen:  "The base sample time of the model is too short (less than 50 CPU clock cycles)". I need more informations about the sample time limitation to processors with 400 MHz clock using USB connection (EZ Extender). One example code are attached.