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"talkthru analog in-out" example program do not work

Question asked by Afinko on Oct 22, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by MartinKr

I tried the "talkthru analog in-out (asm)" that is located in:

...\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\213xx\Examples\ADSP-21375 EZ-KIT Lite\

with my ADSP 21375 EZ-KIT Lite, but it do not work


Interrupt works well, it is generated according to the 48 kHz, but from ADC I receive all the time the value 0x00EAABF500.

I tried also to sent to the DAC's data from manually generated buffer instead of output from ADC, but at the output from the DAC is nothing.


I tried also the example program "block based talkthru (c)" located at the same directory. All the buffers Block_A, Block_B, and Block_C are filled with the value 0x00EAABF500. Input sound is not going through output.


Another programs that do not use codec work well at this board, also SDRAM is working correctly, but I am not able to manage the codec.


Can anybody try these examples on the ADSP 21375 EZ-KIT Lite, so I will know if the problem is in code, or in my hardware.

The "talkthru analog in-out (asm).zip" and "block based talkthru (c).zip" is attached.