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VDSP .ldf Regeneration

Question asked by RIH7777 on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2009 by CraigG

I'm working with VDSP 5.0 Update 6, and BF527 EZKit.  We have a project which was created using the
wizard to create an .ldf file for us.  This means any time Project Options are changed VDSP will
regenerate the .ldf file.  This is a problem for us.  We have made custom changes of our own to
the .ldf file which we don't want overwritten.  Most of our custom changes can be protected by enclosing
them in the special comments:

/*$VDSG<insert-new-memory-segments> */
/* Text inserted between these $VDSG comments will be preserved */
/*$VDSG<insert-new-memory-segments> */

However some of our changes cannot be protected with the special comments. For example:
We replace:
MEM_SDRAM0_BANK3 { TYPE(RAM) START(0x03000000) END(0x03ffffff) WIDTH(8) } 
MEM_SDRAM0_BANK3 { TYPE(RAM) START(0x03000000) END(0x03ffBfff) WIDTH(8) }

We place our new definition of MEM_SDRAM0_BANK3 inside the special comments and
comment out the old defintion.  BUT every time VDSP regenerates the .ldf it replaces the
old definition leading to a redefinition of MEM_SDRAM0_BANK3 and giving build errors.

1.)How can we turn off VDSP's .ldf regeneration?  
2.)Why does VDSP regenerate the .ldf?  Is there some benefit to the regeneration?
We need to know exactly what VDSP changes in the .ldf when it regenerates.