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ADL5380 se2diff conversion

Question asked by Zartagal on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by bkamak


I would like to ask about a problem with the ADL5380 demodulator. It works from 400MHz to 6GHz. It has a differential input and two differential baseband I/Q outputs.

I want to use it to cover the whole range, between 400MHz and 6GHz and I my problem came into the differential RF input.

The datasheet recommend three different baluns depending on the working range. Before this modulator, I need a LNA amplifier, and they normally work with a 50 Ohm line (NOT differential). It's everything integrated in the PCB, so I only can use baluns for SMD mounting.

I want to interface this LNA (SE 50Ohm) with the ADL5380 (DIFF).


- There is any wideband balun up to 6GHz I can use?

- Can I connect the negative line in the ADL5380 to ground and connecto the output of the LNA direct to the positive pin in the Demodulator? If it's possible, degradates the signal too much?

- There is any combination of SWITCHs to conmutate between two baluns in a wideband range?

- There is any other solution?


Thanks in advance