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Help on AD5293

Question asked by cklooi on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by DRice

I have a few question on AD5293 in datasheet.


1.Based on formula on page 20 in the datasheet about how to calculate RWB and RWA, I have following two questions.

  • Is it possible for RWB to achieve 0 ohmn, if D=0?
  • Does it mean that the maximum of the RWA is 48.8 kohmn? (assuming using 50kohmn, and D = 1023 maximum)


2.With the wiper resistance (60ohmn typical), how can we calculate the exact resistance?


3."In the zero-scale condition, a finite total wiper resistance of 120 Ω is present. Regardless of the setting in which the part is operating."

Does it mean we can never get 0ohmn for AD5293?