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ADuM7234 for an H-Bridge questions.

Question asked by jeanluc on Jun 12, 2013
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I´m designing an application that has to control a  resistive load with an H-Brige activated by two ADuM7234:

- Maximum voltage 200V.

- Frequency around 1Mhz

- Resistive load 10 Ohm´s


I´m following the document


And I have some questions that I would appreciate if someone can help me to clear it out:

- For  small loads I red that the optional resistor at the gates of the MOSFET could help to avoid ringing, which value do you suggest?

- The Vgs voltage that is set at VDDB(in the pointed document 15V) how much current could need, any idea how to calculate that?

- I´m planning to have the system separated in two boards, one the H Brige and the other with the gate drivers and the components required(SMD),

could it be a problem to extend the MOSFET gate inputs over a BUS cable to the SMD board?


Any remark would be really appreciated.