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Self-Nesting with ISRs implemented in C-language

Question asked by JHVM on Jun 12, 2013
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I'm using an SHARC ADSP21469, and want to use self-nesting interrupts for SPORT-IRQs. It is clear that I have to use the JUMP (CI) in conjunction with RTS(LR) when implementing the ISR in assembly-language. For several reasons, I would prefer to use C-language for the ISR implementation. It is also clear that I have to use the "#pragma interrupt" for the ISR definition and the buildin functions "interruptss() or signalss()" to register the ISR C-function. Further, within my IVT i can call the ISR via JUMP (CI) command. But what about the RTS(LR) instruction. How is that handled by the compiler in this case? Is it possible at all to use self-nesting with c-written ISRs?


Thanks in advance.