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ADV7611 Power (Down) sequencing

Question asked by robert42 on Jun 12, 2013
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  The ADV7611 datasheet includes requirements concerning sequencing of 3.3 and 1.8 power supplies.


  Though there are ways to control the Power Up sequence to fit the requirement (3.3 always `above' 1.8)

  it is not that easy for Powert Down.


  Could you please clarify this requirement in more detail ?

     (especially but not only for Power Down)


  What are the consequences when violiating this requirement ?

    -) a parasitic diode will conduct current from 1.8 to 3.3 ?

    -) which might destroy the chip, if X mA is conducted for more than Y ms ?

    -) latch up will occur, and might prohibit another startup for Z ms ?

   .-) internal startup will fail ?, and can't be forced with #RESET,

         because #RESET is not really a #RESET, but more

        a sort of RESET-Rrequest, which won't always be honoured ?

   -) some fets gate will be stressed and might shift its threshold ?

   -) any other issues ?


  Any Ideas how to design a low cost power supply which fullfills this requirement ?


Thank You,