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Not Mapped Symbols on Blackfin 609

Question asked by mellouli on Jun 12, 2013
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I declared my Video Buffers as follows in a source file:

/* Video buffers */ #pragma section ("DecoderBuf0", DM) static VIDEO_BUF VideoBuf0; #pragma section ("DecoderBuf1", DM) static VIDEO_BUF VideoBuf1;

while I declared in the header file :

typedef struct VIDEO_BUF { uint8_t               Data[VIDEO_BUF_SIZE] ; bool                  bIsEmpty ; struct VIDEO_BUF      *pNext; } VIDEO_BUF;

I keep having a problem of compilation when I am compiling my program... It says : The following Symbols are referenced, but not mapped

[Error li1060]  The following symbols are referenced, but not mapped:

        '_VideoBuf0' referenced from .\main.doj(program)

        '_VideoBuf1' referenced from .\main.doj(program)


What does it mean exactly?