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Question asked by jwf on Jun 11, 2013
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Hello EngineerZone,


I have a DVD Player playing a Macrovision Copy Protected DVD Disc at 480i. The DVD Player analog component output signal is connected into a ADV7604 component input. As a result I am seeing this type of disturbance. Macrovision inserts Pseudo-Sync Pulses (PSPs) into the vertical blanking signal. This confuses the automatic gain control (AGC) circuitry used by most video recorders. The result is picture tearing, video noise, loss of brightness and colour.


I have a question regarding a particular ADV7604 CP Map register bit.

The following is an excerpt from ADV7604 Component/Graphics Digitizer with 4:1 Multiplexed HDMI Receiver Hardware Manual Rev. F August 2010. On page 307:

MV_AGC_DET_EN, CP Map, Address 0x09, [2]


MV_AGC_DET_EN Description

0 Disable Macrovision AGC pulse detection

1 Enable Macrovision AGC pulse detection


Setting bit 2 has no affect. However setting bit 7 works. This defeats the effect of Macrovision. So is the reference to bit 2 of register 9 just a typo error?


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