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Is there a missing PopUnsheduledRegion in heap_malloc

Question asked by Mike on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2009 by CraigG

We have been using the Blackfin C++ compiler and VDK and came across an issue with the heap_malloc method within the VDK.  Looking at the disassembly of this method there is a code path where heap_malloc can call VDK::PushUnsheduledRegion() when it starts but does not call VDK::PopUnsheduledRegion() when it exits.  Can you confirm this?

We have also seen a very similar error in the sys_mbox_trypost() method in sys_arch.c which is part of the Blackfin TCP/IP stack.  If you exit retuning the ERR_MEM  then the unscheduled region is not poped.  This one we can fix because we can edit the source code and we can recompile.