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CCES (make) hangs while compile

Question asked by onejk on Jun 11, 2013
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this problem was reported to private support also with some attachments. But maybe somebody had the same problem...


In the 1st days everything works fine, means the project could be compiled successfully.


Now 'make' hangs while compile:

A popup window titled 'building project' shows 'invoking command: make all'

Pressing 'cancel' doesn't terminate buidling process.


Console shows:

**** Build of configuration Debug for project test ****


make all

'Building file: ../system/startup_ldf/app_IVT.s'

'Invoking: CrossCore SHARC Assembler'

easm21k.exe -file-attr ProjectName="test" -proc ADSP-21469 -si-revision 0.2 -g -swc -D_DEBUG -i"D:\user\jk\Projekts\CCES\test\system" -gnu-style-dependencies -MM -Mo "system/startup_ldf/app_IVT.d" -o "system/startup_ldf/app_IVT.doj" "../system/startup_ldf/app_IVT.s"

'Finished building: ../system/startup_ldf/app_IVT.s'

make: *** Zugriff verweigert


.  Stop.

make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....


After killing make.exe with task manager and starting 'build project' again it compiles the next source file of the project.

After doing that often enough the project was compiled and linked and a dxe is created.

It is also possible to compile each file individually in project explorer.


Sometimes, mostly after system reboot it compiles in one go.


I tried also a repair installation of CCES without success.


The problem occurs also for a new "empty" CCES project.


System: CCES, Windows 7 Prof. SP1 64 bit, Intel Core i7-2720QM CPU

If the problem could be related to other installed programs: problem occurs after installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express incl. parts of .NET Framework 4. Maybe a redistributable is the root of the problem?!