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Help with AD5024

Question asked by yer_ivan on Jun 10, 2013
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I connected the DAC as follows and trying to work with all four channels. I'm working on the speed of 10MHz. The data have to be sent each 100us.


First, only the first channel outputs data. If I send the data to all four channels at once, or I want to send the signal only to the second, third or fourth channel, DAC doesn’t output anything


Second, the maximum output voltage of the DAC doesn’t match to the reference one. For example, if the reference voltage is 5V, on the output I have 2.5V in case if I send the maximum value to the DAC.


When viewing the plots, controller sends the data according to the set one.


Could you help with this problem or at least give some tips where is the problem?


Thank you in advance