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ADT7310 confusing

Question asked by zacharias on Jun 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by Rob.F

When resetting the device and then reading continously with CS=0, then all it delivers is the value 0x00 0xED. Whatever temperature it is in.

When trying the one shot, as per data sheet, it delivers 0x00 0xED the first read then 0xFF 0xED in the rest.  Nothing else. In this case I write 0x08 0x20, then wait 400ms, then put out 16 clocks and use the result. The CS is high before the entire procedure and low during it and then high efter. It is NOT raised in between the register setting and the result reading.

I use a mega324P at 10MHz and 3.3V supply. Waveforms looks proper. And, yes, it is properly connected to the SPI bus, qudruple checked that...

What is wrong?