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REFin drive of ADF4106

Question asked by Kou on Jun 9, 2013
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Dear Sir/Madam,


We have some questions about REFin-drive of ADF4106 PLL Synthesizer.


We are using SG-310SCN CMOS-output OSC for REFin.
Pls refer to attached file.


1.Which of the drive-circuit Case1 and Case2 do you recommend?. below,

  Case1:connect through the capacitor.
  Case2:connect direcyly.

2.Please teach us the reason which is using two capacitors of 1000pF on Fig22. below, 


3.Does REFin of ADF4106 accept both signals of sine wave and square wave?.


It would be greatly appreciated if advice could be gotten.

Best Regards,