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adis16405 weird behaviour

Question asked by Laurent on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by Laurent

Hello Engineerzone people,


I have a problem getting an adis16405 running correctly on my last board.

There are already 4 existing identical boards, in 2 H/W revision not related to spi / imu. Two of this boards (one in each H/W revision) have already been successfully tested with their own adis16405 component.

Now on my last manufactured board, I have problems getting the imu running correctly : after a short time, the spi returned value (burst read) is always stucked to the same digits (eg 0x1600 or 0x3B00). Only once I saw the imu running OK for a long time.

The CPU mastering the SPI is a TI am3530 running linux kernel (imu driver in staging, but, again, correctly tested on previous manufacturing batch).

The datecode of the imu is 1138 (assuming it is left-bottom marking ...)

Have you already seen this kind of behaviour, or can you think of any clue ?


Also, the data sheet doesn't mention any internal pull up on Reset input : is there any, and what value ?


many thanks