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ADIS16480 Kalman Filter/RTC Configuration Questions

Question asked by on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by allpower
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I've received the replacement unit. Now Kalman is working properly.


I just have other issues.


First I got a problem with the RTC. I connected the VDDRTC to a powersource to be able to save time from being erased when I turn off the system.

If I understood, to get time to work infinitely, i have to set the configuration register's first bit CONFIG[0] to 0. But when I reboot the system, time resets to 0.


The second problem is related to the acceleration. I want to get rid of the gravity component, so I set EKF_CNFG[0] to 1 as discibed in the datasheet. I am in the body frame and want to get the acceleration to try use it in a dead reconing process in order to get the position of my device in its reference frame. I get exactly the same output as when Idon't remove gravity (ie. 1g on the z axis when the device is put on a flat table).

In fact Ii works when I am in Navigation frame but not when I am in Bodèy frame.