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ADV7181D VGA decoding to 16 bit YUV422

Question asked by AndyHC on Jun 7, 2013
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We are currently using an ADV7181D to decode VGA (1024 x 768 @60Hz) to 16 bit YUV 422. After looking at the scripts for the ADV7181D (:RGB  1024x768 _@ 60Hz 12-Bit DDR 65.000MHz Out through HDMI:) and the scripts for the ADV7401 (:TT 1024x768 @_60Hz, 16 Bit 422 YCrCb SD Space Out from Decoder, RGB o/p from Encoder Through HDTV RGB Port ADI CSC:), as mentioned in another post.


We have manged to get 16 bit YUV422 data out. However we have noticed that the ADV7181D is getting hot - is this normal? or are there a few register settings that we have missed that would optimize the power consumption. Checking with a thermal camera the device is getting to around 70 deg C. I have also checked and double checked our design against the reference board and everything looks correct.


Any help on this subject would be appreciated.