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Question asked by serdar on Jun 7, 2013
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I need to know, when VEE is connected to GND, If ADCLK925's both NC and thermal pad are conneted to GND (VEE), how electrical performance is effected?

Those pins must be left open?


I cound not understant how thermal performance will be improved without GND connection.


Please advise me what is the best connection of those pins.

From ADCLK Datasheet:   

No Connect. The metallic back surface of the package is not electrically connected to any part of the circuit.

It can be left floating for optimal electrical isolation between the package handle and the substrate of the die.

It can also be soldered to (GND?) the application board if improved thermal and/or mechanical stability is desired.

Exposed metal at the corners of the package is connected to this back surface. Allow sufficient clearance

to vias and other components.