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Analog Discovery - Manual

Question asked by Deiv on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by dmercer

I do not see a specification for the device...

Something similar to NI myDAQ manual is definitely essential and helpful.


A more detailed specification based on design / simulation is useful.


1. Also all supply, inputs and outputs protected for fault conditions (short circuits to battery ground)?

2. Oscilloscope input specification - Input impedance at pin (with and without probing wires) - RL || CL - Differential capacitance, common mode range

3. Maximum voltage / current - ESD protection - at analog / digital - input / output

4. Analog out - Maximum output load current for full swing

5. Analog input / output - bandwidth, sample rate, resolution, error (INL/DNL) (SNR, THD, ENOB)

6. Logic analyzer input current and thresholds, minimum hysteresis

7. Supply tolerances - impedance min spec for speaker out

8. Block diagram / schematics may be shared (NI shares a block diagram, the IP on FPGA may be kept confidential)

9. Further possibilities for memory depth improvements with reduced channels / resolution may be provided in software

10. Possibilities of improved bandwidth at lower gain setting at input / output

11. Bode plot of the analog inputs at various gain

12. Output frequency max. for un-distorted output vs load vs gain at output

13. Matlab / Simulink connection - what sample rate is feasible - can signal acquisition and output be used simultaneously while real time processing is handled on PC? A short guide on using this will be very helpful.