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ADV7511 with HDCP enabled gives "Ri mismatch" on some reveivers

Question asked by WolfgangZ on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by DaveD


I have a company-designed board with a 7511 HDMI-Tx which works well without HDCP enabled.


When HDCP is enabled, some connected devices don't get a stable HDCP encryption.

In these cases the BKSV-interrupt comes first after a couple of seconds.

Then the DDC-state shows shortly "HDCP enabled". But after about a second the state changed to

"Initalizing HDCP" and the DDC-Errorcode changed to "Ri Mismatch".

After this the state toggles sporadically between enabled and initializing.


I have already checked all Sync-inputs for glitches - none found.

Also I set the bit for internal EPROM and tested many different delay values in the registers

0xFC to 0xFE without success.


This is the list of tested HDMI receivers:


Device                HDCP-ok   measured DDC-pollrate


Quantum 780              no           96 - 148 ms

Sony KDL H40 LCD-TV      no

Tektronix WFM 5250       yes          315 ms

Board with Adv7612       yes          320 ms

Samsung Syncmaster P2470 yes          2500 ms


What can I do to make our 7511-board compatible to all HDMI receivers?