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unused pin configuration of ADV7630

Question asked by Kikka on Jun 6, 2013
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I know that HW manual of ADV7612, etc have [RECOMMENDED UNUSED PIN CONFIGURATIONS] section.

But HW manual of ADV7630 doesn't have it.

Please add [RECOMMENDED UNUSED PIN CONFIGURATIONS] section in HW manual of ADV7630.


For the meantime I would like to know how to handle the following pins if unused.

pin No.  pin name

10       CEC

57       DDCD_SCL

58       DDCD_SDA

72       HPA_D

82       RXD_C-

83       RXD_C+

84       RXD_0-

85       RXD_0+

87       RXD_1-

88       RXD_1+

89       RXD_2-

90       RXD_2+


I appreciate your cooperation.


With best regards.