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ADV7842 HDMI force free run 480i with 640x480 format input connected

Question asked by adhawkins on Jun 6, 2013
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We have set up the ADV7842 to free run in 1440x480i format. However, if we connect up a 640x480 source to the input, we see disruption on the input despite all the registers being set to force the chip into free run mode.


IO0x000x02720x480i output
IO0x010x05V FREQ 60 Hz, PRIM_MODE HDMI-Comp
CP0xba0x03Enable HDMI free run, HDMI free run mode 1
CP0xbf0x13Force free run, output default colours in free run mode
CP0xff0x19CP is free running


I have attached a full register dump should there be any other registers of interest. Note that this dump has been generated by our software, and I have modified the i2c addresses of each register line to match those used by the AVES2 software (to enable easy comparison with dumps generated by that software). You will see the actual i2c addresses we use in addresses 0xf1 to 0xfe of the IO map.


Also attached is a screen dump of what we see when this situation happens. What we are expecting is the default blue screen to be generated.


Can you offer any suggestions as to why this is happening?