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ADF4360-2, devide-by-2 option and duty

Question asked by usaghi on Jun 5, 2013
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I have received a question at ADF4360-2 from the customer that, "By using devide-by-2 option for 2GHz VCO output, does it result to output 1GHz of 50% duty ?"


He said he is now having external discrete components of 1/2 dividing for VCO 2GHz output, in order to get 1GHz of 50% duty, 50% duty is critical for his clocking usage.

I think he is talking in regard to rectangular pulse wave clocking, and prefer to have same result when using ADF4360-2 devide-by-2.


Please could you confirm devide-by-2 option is adequate for getting 1GHz 50% duty pulse waveform.


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