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ADV7623 OSD Font Question

Question asked by ChrisO on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Hello all.


I have two questions regarding the ADV7623 OSD font configuration.  The OSD ADV7623 OSD Software Programmer's Guide continues to cause me some headaches.   The guide indicates that only 236 unique font characters can be created (not 256).  Does anyone know why and which characters I should not modify via SPI?


More important, a font character is 16 x 16 pixels but also proportional (i.e. not fixed width).  Exactly how do I tell the ADV7623 how many pixels wide my characters is?   My guess is using Char Ram L (section 3.1) but it is documented as defining the left part of font data.  <sigh>


Thanks for listening!


- Chris