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Use different external DAC with ADSP-21489 Evaluation Kit?

Question asked by Funkandsoda on Jun 4, 2013
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first my apologies: i haven't worked with DSPs before so my questions might sound a bit silly.

For an ultrasonic project i'm about to buy a ADSP-21489 Evaluation Kit.


I need to do some amplitude modulation with 45 kHz carrier and send it to an ultrasonic transmitter grid. KJBOB from this board was very kind, helped me and made a screenshot of his scope to show me that it's possible to pickup the signal right after the DAC on a SIGMA DSP ADAU1772 board to avoid the low pass filter so that higher frequencies (he used a 80 kHz carrier) are possible. To do this he simply touched the output pin of the dac with a probe tip.


It's great to know that this works, but i'm afraid i have to do this in a more durable way, but i also don't want to change/damage the board by soldering.


Now i'm asking myself if it's possible to route the digital audio stream on one of the ADSP-21489 Evaluation Kit outputs. I would like to connect a different external DAC to this and design my own low pass filter with a higher cutoff frequency on a breadboard.

Maybe this is possible by using the expansion interface of the board?


Thank you in advance