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UART RX and TX signals are looping?

Question asked by NTan on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by Andreas

Good Day Everyone!


   I'm just wondering why when I try to transmit a character, both UART1_THR and UART1_RBR registers are written to. UART Loop Jumper (JP9) is removed. And my SW5 settings is {ON, ON, OFF, OFF} in order to enable UART1_TX and UART1_RX




I'm using the program given along with application note EE347 but with an edited main function:


int main()



          //Initialize UART

          short UartInitSuccess = UartInit(1, 14400);

          if ( UartInitSuccess >= 0 ) {

                    printf("SUCCESSFULLY INITIALIZED\n");


          else {

                    printf("INITIALIZATION ERROR\n");



          UartPutc(1, 'A');



          return 0;



Thank you!