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the issue for feedback cell and compressor cell

Question asked by cadie on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by cadie

Two questions:


1) How to set the initial value for feedback cell? according to help, feedback cell is a sample delay. when i need calculate the formula like this
    y(n)=x(n)+y(n-1), y(0)=1.0,  is it correct using feedback cell? if i use delay cell, it seems that user cann't write DATA RAM, then how i set this 

    initial value y(0)=1.0 ?


2) whens i use the compressor module,  i confuse the step of threshold and compressor ratio.

       for example:
           threshold:  i fill -6.5 dB, but display -7dB
                       I fill -20.4dB, it display -20.4dB, so i am not sure the threshold's step is 0.1dB or 1dB.

           compressor ratio: change 100 --> 99.73 --> 91.77 --> 89.26, so what is the step ??

       btw, our project requirement is 0.1dB threshold step and 0.1 step compressor ration, could this compressor implement??  thanks