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Hi EngineerZone Team,


I saw the following discussion and then searched thru MEMS & Sensors page ( ) under main ADI page. 


I am unable to reply to the above discussion. 'Reply' button is not responding.


So, I am opening a new discussion. If you find this useful, please move the following content to above thread and you can close this thread.


There is a  video ( )  talking about 'Tilt Sensing Solution'.


I am not an expert in any of the electronic products. But I am interested in finding out uses of these products in the daily life.


This question got my attention and went thru the whole discussion and now I feel like posting some information that I found on the ADI website.


May be the person who raised the question already knew about the detailed MEMS and Sensors page.


If not, I feel it is worth a try to go thru the main MEMS & Sensors page and get in-depth information about the ADI tilt sensors.


Thank You,