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ADG451/ADG453 Operating Question

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by JoeCreech

Dear All:

ADG451/ADG453(IN1~IN4) how can control  is very energy efficient?ADG451 datasheet Rev.C Page4 "DIGITAL INPUTS" tell me VINH=2.4V, VINL=0.8V, IINL=0.005uA, IINH=0.5uA. If MCU GPIO need control IN1~IN4 arbitrarily pull-up or pull-down. R1=6.6M(3.3V/0.5uA) , R2 = 160M (0.8V/0.005uA) this design is correct? have any suggestion can be provided to me. thanks




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