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problem with setting SCF

Question asked by alcrux on Oct 14, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2009 by SteveM



I am trying to set SCF for ADV7179 of ADSP-BF561 EZ-KIT LIte. After compilation in debug mode and running from idde all works fine, but after compilation in release mode function returns ADI_DEV_RESULT_TWI_LOCKED ( TWI locked in other operationI In debug mode ). I use the next code





adi_tmr_Init(...) ;

EnableADV7179() ; // from VideoInOut example

adi_dev_Open( hDevManager, &ADIADV7179EntryPoint, 0, &ADV7179Handle, ADI_DEV_DIRECTION_OUTBOUND,
      hDMAManager,  Callback,  clientHandle, NULL ) ;

adi_dev_Control( ADV7179Handle, ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_PPI_DEVICE_NUMBER,  ( void* )1 ) ;
adi_dev_Control( ADV7179Handle, ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_PPI_STATUS, ( void* )ADI_ADV717x_PPI_OPEN ) ;
adi_dev_Control( ADV7179Handle, ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_TWI_CONFIG_TABLE, ( void* )twiConfig ) ;

//twiConfig from example in "ADI_ADV717X DEVICE DRIVER"


u32 err = adi_dev_Control( ADV7179Handle, ADI_ADV717x_CMD_SET_SCF_REG,  ( void* ) ADV717x_SCF_VALUE_PAL_BI ) ;

printf( "err: 0x%X\n", err )


Am I missing something?