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adau 1701 project and USBi

Question asked by Jiri.CZ on Jun 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by Jiri.CZ

Hi all,

i have problem with my firs own project with adau 1701. I made two boards but both not working. When i comile project and try to send project to the dsp (with analog usbi) i receive error message with no conecting board and in rigt corner of IDE is "download failed". I check power supply on every pin (include 1,8V) and everythink looks ok. Power supply give me 3,27V. I found one mistake reset generator have switched pin "VCC" and "MR". I am alredy correct mistake and change IC for new one but still PCB doesnt work. So i try check comunication (I2C) between USBi and board but i can not see anythink on the osciloscope. Now i thinking about USBi if is it okay. I receive USBi with ad1940 eval board which is using SPI for comunication.


Thanks for any advice.




Jiri Skalny