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ADE7816 Eval S/W setting PCF_x_COEF registers

Question asked by dBC on Jun 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by dBC

I'm following the 7816 calibration instructions using the eval board.  I've got to the stage where I've calculated my phase angle errors for each channel.  I've then entered those angles into the Analog Devices spreadsheet and it's given me the values to write to the 5 PCF_x_COEF registers.


I'd like to program up those values manually by using the eval software.  Using the "All Registers Access" page I can enter the 5 values, and then read them back and all is well.   The correct values appear in the correct registers.   Then I exit out of that screen and return to the "Active Energy" screen.  From there I enter the "Line Cycle Accumulation" screen where I re-enable active and reactive accumulation.  It's then that I notice the accumulated WH and VARH are the same as they were before I entered the PCF_x_COEF values.  So I then stop line cycle accumulation mode, return to the "All Register Access" page and discover the PCF_x_COEF registers have all been rewritten with 400CA4 (the "standard setting" for a 50Hz system with no phase errors).


It seems like whenever the eval s/w starts line cycle accumulation mode, it rewrites those registers with 400CA4, clobbering my handcrafted values.  Does anyone know if there's a way to stop it from doing that?