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BF50x production programming

Question asked by cristiano on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by SachinV

Hi everyone,

I'm evaluating BF504F/BF506F for a new board design, but I'm concerned with device programming in production.

I found this old thread about the subject:

but this seems to imply using EzICE or the Danville programmer.

Please note that my task is an urgent redesign of an old board with ADSP218x. I already planned a fast way to port all the old functions to the new hardware; but I can't afford to spend a lot of time in designing the boot and ISP process, because I need the board operating and in production in a very short time.

I'd rather take advantage of the boot-from-UART0 feature and then I'd use the loaded code to program the internal flash with actual firmware.

I've already done something like this with spi with SHARC devices, but it requires some time, since I need to build from scratch the UART host program and the flash programmer ADSP code booted from UART.

I wonder if there's already a code template for this common operation.  It's seems stupid to buy a second ICE or a 3rd party programmer (both in the 1k$ range) when I can easily program my board with a widely available serial port!

Moreover I'd also need an easy programming method because our service engineers sometimes need to reprogram/update the boards on the field for special features.


Thank you in advance for your kind answers